ARS Research Consulting offers the following half-day and full-day workshops for non-research professionals:

How to Design an Effective Questionnaire

The integrity of the entire research program rests on the design of the questionnaire.  Learn the art and science of crafting questions and organizing your survey to ensure accurate reporting, maximum response rate and impactful results.   Through didactics, exercises and group interaction, learn step-by-step how to create a professional survey to achieve your business objectives.

What does This Mean? — Interpreting Your Questionnaire Results

Now that you have the responses, what do they really tell you?  If your questionnaire was designed properly, you will have some meaty data that will help you focus your business efforts.  Learn how to extract the real meaning of the responses.  This workshop will give you the how-to’s of data analysis, standard rules and practices as well as common pitfalls to avoid.

The Final Report:  How to Create a Powerful Presentation of the Results

Obtaining the results is step one.  To maximize the effectiveness of your study, you need to present the results in a powerful and compelling way.  Learn how to organize the final report and prepare charts, graphs, and illustrations to present a case to decision-makers.

Workshops for Professionals

We also offer workshops for research professionals at varying career stages.  Our offerings for research professionals include:

  • Multi-Item Scale Construction:  A rarely used but highly beneficial technique in market research.  Be on the forefront of this methodology and learn how to promote it internally and externally.
  • Psychological Measurement:  Discover how your customers’ or constituents’ psychological characteristics, motivations and emotions drive their behaviors.  Learn how to incorporate psychological or behavioral measures into your surveys.
  • Program Evaluation: Take your survey research skills and learn to apply them to the field of evaluation research.  Learn how to design a program of research studies that comprehensively measures a program’s implementation (process measures) and effectiveness (outcome measures).

Contact us to design a custom workshop program for your business or organization.