ARS Research Consulting offers custom programs to meet the specific needs of your business or organization.  We provide varying levels of service based on your needs and resources — our services range from coaching you through each phase of the project to taking the project out of your hands and into ours, if you desire.

We can:

  • Train non-research professionals to develop the knowledge and skills to conduct survey research with confidence.  Click here for our series of “how-to” workshops.
  • Identify your research needs and advise you on how research can help grow your business
  • Create a customized survey instrument
  • Help you select the right web-based service for your needs and how to use it to your best advantage.  Examples of web-based survey software include Survey Monkey, Zoomerang Survey and QuestionPro.
  • Create psychological measurement items suited for your industry and customer constituency
  • Advise you on effective ways to organize your results into a professional report with text, tables, charts, graphs, conclusions, and actionable recommendations.
  • Coach and provide ongoing trouble-shooting for any aspect of survey research

For research professionals we provide additional hands-on-deck when needed.  We can help with:

  • Questionnaire construction or fine-tuning
  • Analytic plans
  • Report writing

We also provide training to research professionals on how to:

  • Develop multi-item scales for measuring attitudes, behaviors, psychological traits and emotions
  • Design and conduct program evaluation (process and outcome studies)