What’s Your Story? Good survey research reveals a story.  We know how to find yours.  We craft a focused questionnaire that motivates respondents to engage in the process.   We hear the story that the data are telling.  And we convey the story in a compelling and unbiased way.

We believe that successful research is powered by two truths:  what you know about your business and what your customers know about their needs.  So first we talk to you.  We engage you in a dialog about your business. And we listen.  We want to ensure that you have the opportunity to impart your ideas, perspective, concerns, and wisdom to us.  It is not until this step is complete that we embark on the main tasks of designing and executing the study.

We begin at the end. We start with your destination in mind and work backward to ensure that the study will tell the story, producing insights about your business that will inform your business decisions.

Experience informs us. We respect respondents’ time and attention span by avoiding lengthy and overly detailed questioning.  We avoid asking tangential, “nice-to-know” questions and stay focused on the “must-haves.”  Long surveys produce respondent fatigue and disengagement.  This can result in a loss of response quality, an incomplete survey or worse yet, a loss of desire to participate in future surveys.

Psychology is crucial in understanding the behavior of your customers.  We are expert in analyzing their decision-making, in identifying the emotions, values, needs, and motives that drive their behavior.  This knowledge arms you with the vital ingredients for influencing your audiences’ decisions.

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