Research Within Reach

That’s the goal of ARS Research Consulting.

ARS Research Consulting, founded by Alan R. Steinberg, Ph.D.,  is ideal for businesses and nonprofits that need a cost-effective alternative to a full-service research firm.  We advise companies of any size on how to perform professional survey research utilizing any of the widely available web-based survey programs.   What’s unique about us is our affordability — you garner important business insights through professionally-conducted survey research for a fraction of what full-service market research firms charge.  

From insight to impact . . . A well-designed and executed survey reveals information that can be essential to growing your business and improving your services.  ARS Research Consulting will guide you in any aspect of developing, executing, or analyzing a custom survey. We help you produce results that will:

  • Focus your marketing strategies
  • Target your services more precisely
  • Reveal customer motivations and behavior
  • Discover unmet market needs
  • Increase your return on investments in advertising and promotions
  • Improve customer service
  • Evaluate social, health, or educational programs
  • Better serve members, constituents, or employees
  • Support business decisions

We have worked with clients in pharmaceuticals, consumer products, government, and academia, as well as nonprofit healthcare and education organizations.

From our office in northern New Jersey, we work with small and large companies as well as non-profit organizations.

Contact us for any of your survey research needs, including:

  • Opinion and attitude surveys
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Advertising effectiveness research
  • Employee surveys
  • Membership surveys
  • Community surveys
  • Program evaluation for nonprofits

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